Prague, Capital of Occupied Europe
April 12th, Cosmic Era 75

1. Introduction

1.1 What is SEED Factor?

SEED Factor is short for Superior Evolutionary Element Destined-factor, an element of the plot of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED and it's sequel, Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny. This acronym is also the name of the website you're on, an alternate universe Cosmic Era PBeM RPG. Events in the timeline of the Cosmic Era occured just as in the show - up until the Second Battle of Jachin Due on September 26th and 27th of CE 71. In the final battle between Rau La Creuset and Kira Yamato, La Creuset destroyed the Freedom Gundam, killing Yamato, and leaving him able to seize control of ZAFT. This lead to the events of the original SEED Factor, titled "Another Destiny's Story." You can find more about that portion of the background on the Timeline page.

Shattered Memories picks up the story where Another Destiny's Story left off. The crash of the Key of Solomon into the Antarctic has caused massive damage to the Earth's ecological system, raising temperatures globally and in turn raising water levels throughout the globe - it's estimated that sea level has raised at least 60 meters since the event. Eight months later, in May of Cosmic Era 75, begin the events of Shattered Memories...

1.2 Hours of Operation
SEED Factor: Shattered Memories will have three "action" days throughout the week. Actions will be updated for Monday, Wednesday and again during the Weekend. Actions for each Weekday must be received on the day of the update by 2000 EST (8 PM EST). Weekend actions should arrive no later than 0001 EST (12:01 AM EST) on Saturday, though I will be slightly more lenient about actions coming in during the overnight hours.

2. Core Rules

2.1 Types of Actions

Each action day, a player may perform one major action and any number of minor actions (except where a specific action disallows other actions). Listed below are the various actions and their respective types.
Movement (Major Action): As your action for the day, you may choose to move from your current location and start heading towards anywhere else in the Earth Sphere, practically without limitation. For more information, see section 2.2 Travelling below.
Combat (Major Action): Nearly every mobile suit pilot must, at some point in the career, launch into combat against enemy forces. For more information, see section 2.3 Combat below.
Purchase (Major/Minor Action): You can spend your hard earned experience and credits on upgrades for your pilot and mobile suit. Experience expenditures are always minor actions (though require additional support in the form of roleplays to back up your purchase) while credit purchases, depending on what they are, may be either a Major or Minor Action. For more information, see the Shop.
Switch Mobile Suits/Configurations (Minor Action): In some situations, a player may have access to multiple mobile suits. When their current location is the same as one of their alternate mobile suits, they may switch from one unit to the other. Additionally, if their active mobile suit has multiple configurations, they may switch active configurations. If the pilot is attacked, the currently active mobile suit and its active configuration will be used.

2.2 Travelling
You may choose to change directions midtravel - to do so, simply submit a new action with your new destination. You will be changed on the next update to head towards your new destination.

Moving on Earth
To move on Earth, you must pick a path to move along and provide it with your action. Each day of movement counts as a Major Action for that. On the first day, however, if the first territory you're moving into has a Control that matches your faction, that first step counts as a Minor Action. This would allow you to, potentially, move and attack in the same day.

Movement in Space
Movement in space is relatively simple - pick a target location and you'll begin to move there. Space is, however, rather vast and you may find you move somewhat slow - to speed up your movement, track down a ship of some sort that will help speed you along.

2.3 Combat
There are several types of mobile suit-to-mobile suit combat - each has an associated Offense stat that helps a pilot in that type of combat as well as an associated Defense stat that helps those you'll be fighting against. You may attack a mobile suit, ship or mobile location that is moving if you're at the same location as them.
Offense Stat: Dexterity
Defense Stat: Awareness
Standard attack on an unaware opponent.
Offense Stat: Stamina
Defense Stat: Stamina
Standard combat between two consenting opponents. Both pilots must submit an action, otherwise this becomes an ambush.
Offense Stat: Intelligence
Defense Stat: Awareness
You may only perform this action on a day when you are passing through a territory that is at least partially under the control of another faction while on Earth. When you perform a Breakthrough, you will engage with defenses in the territory you're passing through and attempt to pass through to the other side. If you are successful in your attempt, you will be moved to the next territory in your movement list. Whether you succeed or not, your mobile suit will sustain damage.

Additionally, you can launch combat actions against locations and ships.
Combat vs. Locations
There are a number of different location types that you can engage in combat against. When you engage in combat against a particular location, defenders from that location and those with sufficient range may be dispatched to assist in defense of allied locations. The defenders of a location will go a distance based on their Response Level: a location with a response level of 0 will defend only itself, a location with a response level of 1 will defend locations in the same territory, and a location with a response level of 2 will defend locations in both the same territory and adjacent territories to itself.
Combat vs. Ships
Combat against various types of ships and vessel are handled similar to a mix between mobile suits and locations. When in combat with a ship, you fight against the ship itself as well as any mobile suits that might be aboard in the hangar. Additionally, if the ship is part of a fleet, you must compete against other ships and defenses in the fleet as well. As long as a ship remains with a fleet, it has the protection of the entire fleet - they will fight using wolfpack tactics. Much like a mobile suit, damage can be dealt to a ship - just defeating a ship in combat is not, necessarily, enough to destroy the vessel.

2.4 Damage, Injury and Recovery
After each combat, you'll receive damage on your mobile suit and exhaustion on your character. Damage scales up to ten days worth of repair time - when a mobile suit reaches a total of ten days of repair time, it is considered destroyed and must either be replaced or completely rebuilt. Each mobile suit you own tracks its own damage separately. Exhaustion scales up to ten and stays with your character at all times - when a charater reaches a total of ten days of exhaustion, they enter into a coma and are unable to do anything until exhaustion lowers to 0.

Each character carries with them in their mobile carrier enough parts to complete, at most, two days of repairs for each mobile suit with them. After that, any additional repairs must be conducted at either a location or a ship that has the Repair Bay special rule and is freindly to the character. When a character arrives at a location owned by their faction with a Repair Bay, their own stock of mobile suit parts are replenished and they can do another two days of repairs on the go.

Exhaustion lowers by 1 for each day a pilot does not participate in a combat action.

3. Advanced Rules

3.1 Stats and Skills
A number of your actions in game are modified by two things: your statistics and your skill. While one does not have an effect on the other directly - for example, you don't require a specific statistic to be at a certain level to get any skill - they are indirectly linked - for example, a skill from the Agility tree might work better with more Dexterity.

The statistics are as follows:
Character Statistics
Dexterity While piloting a mobile suit, increases your reaction speeds and evasion rates, helping to both increase your damage output and reduce the damage received. Additionally, while outside a mobile suit, increases your performance at various tasks.
Intelligence While piloting a mobile suit, increases chances of implementing strategies correctly and seeing through opponent's strategies during combat. Additionally, while outside a mobile suit, helps reduce the cost of items in various shops.
Awareness While piloting a mobile suit, increases your abilities with remote weapons and provides an inherent bonus against ambushes. Additionally, during all combat, helps to identify and exploit holes in enemy defenses.
Stamina While performing any actions, reduces personal injury and exhaustion allowing for longer operating times. Additionally, while outside a mobile suit, increases resistance to interrogation and torture.

At the start of your pilot's career, all statistics start at 1. Fear not - you get to choose, as part of your creation, one of these skills to raise up to 2. This is a representation of your character's inherent and trained skills before they begin their time as a pilot. During their career, they may further raise their vital statistics - for more information, see Increase a Stat below.

Skill Trees
Accuracy Through training, natural skills or some other method, you've mastered a number of techniques that assist with increasing your accuracy, allowing you to cause more direct hits and often to hit specific targets.
Agility No matter what you might be piloting, you've got the edge when it comes to evasion. You've learned a number of techniques to keep you one step ahead of your opponents, dodging and counter attacking before they can react.
Anti-Fortress Training and being tactically minded have given you an advantage as you've learned a number of techniques to assist in combat against outposts and cities. Whether its providing covering bombardments or simply knowing weak points in construction, you're always there.
Anti-Ship You know your ships. So well, in fact, that you've specialized in combat against them. Whether outmaneuvering or just knowing where to strike to cause the most damage, your skills against naval vessels of all types are indispensible.
Beam Weaponry The theory behind beam weaponry is simple to you and you've figured out ways to bend it to your will. You can do things with beam weapons others have only dreamed of and that might just give you the edge in combat.
Camouflage Stealth is the name of the game. It's not easy with a multi-ton robot, but somehow you manage it. With these skills, you've learned to make the most of the situation for your own ends.
Command The military command structure is straight forward and precise and now, you're a part of it. Starting out with a simple squad and working your way up to the heights, you're never alone and know how to make the most of your team.
Conventional Weaponry Rock solid weaponry - that's where it's at. Whether it be small arms, light weapons or rockets, you know your way around them to great effect. Some of the things you can do just don't seem possible to the uninitiated, but you keep making them happen.
Physical Either through natural sturdiness or long hours of training, you're physically built to take the rough and tumble life you've decided upon. Piloting mobile suits isn't the easiest on the body, but somehow you manage to take it and shrug it off and keep going.
Remote Weaponry For most, the use of remote weaponry is only a dream. To accomplish such a feat, incredibly advanced computers constantly calculate and make use of incoming data. Even then, only the best can use them. Luckily, you count yourself amongst these elite few - and sometimes above them.
Sabotage While meeting on the battlefield is the traditional way to settle conflicts, sometimes some work needs to be done behind the scenes to even the score a little. Through whatever methods are on hand, you actively thwart enemy plans, damage their weapons and just make their life miserable.
Support Sometimes, you just have to know how to play the chain of command. And when you do, you can get some of the most amazing assistance possible: air strikes, mobile suit support, ship support - the list goes on. And you know how to play the chain to get exactly what you need, when you need it.

Additionally, each genetic type possesses a skill tree of its own with skills to select from there as well.

Increasing Stats and Buying New Skills
Experience is used primarily to increase stats and purchase new skills. There are other uses for it but you will have to discover them through play and exploration.
Increase a Stat: Increasing a stat costs an amount of experience equal to 25 multiplied by the new level of the stat. For example, if you had Awareness 2 and wished to raise it to Awareness 3, it would require an expenditure of 75 experience points.
Purchase a Skill: The cost of purchasing a new skill depends on two factors - the final cost is equal to your class' cost for that skill tree multiplied by the tier that the skill is in on the tree. Skills that your class favours cost 40 experience points multiplied by the tier, while skills that your class has listed as unfavoured cost 60 experience point multipled by the tier. All other skills trees cost 50 experience points multiplied by the tier. For example, if a Leader wished to purchase a third tier Command skill, it would require an expenditure of 120 experience points, whereas a third tier Agility skill would require 180 experience points. A third tier skill from the Sabotage skill purchased by that character would require 150 experience points.

3.2 Reputation
Reputation plays an important part when it comes to dealing with the various non-player factions in the game. As your reputation with the factions changes, so does your ability to access rewards and services from them. Some actions that increase your standing with one faction will lower your standing with another. Rewards for each faction for each level will be listed in the Shop section under the Reputation tab.
Blue Cosmos is the most radical of the anti-Coordinator activist groups formed by resentful Naturals and is the ruling force behind the Earth Alliance in the Cosmic Era. According to the Blue Cosmos ideology, genetic modification is a violation of the natural order, and all Coordinators must be exterminated "for the preservation of our blue and pure world."
Red Terra is ZAFT's answer to Blue Cosmos. Founded by Michael Vyers several years ago, it managed to survive as a small sect of the ZAFT armed forces despite the treason of many of its high ranking members in CE 74. Their beliefs lie in conquering all of Earth and leaving Naturals a mere second class race to the clearly superior Coordinators.
The Junk Guild has had an upswing in business since the Fall of Solomon. Setting up base within a short travelling distance of the ruins of the space fortress, the Guild has expanded operations on Earth to include rescue and recovery of persons and properties put at risk by the damaged ecosystem of Earth. Despite the war, they still maintain their neutrality with all factions.

The rankings for reputation are as follows: Hated, Hostile, Neutral, Friendly, Honored.

3.3 Special Rules
Below you'll find more in-depth explanations of special rules used by some mobile suits and locations.

Aquatic: Aquatic type mobile suits are specially designed to function in underwater combat. Units with this special rule do not necessarily find themselves at a disadvantage on dry land, though a number of them do have that drawback.
CYCLOPS: A defensive microwave weaponry system that consists of a large array of dish-shaped microwave emitters installed in a cavern beneath the base. Once activated, it rapidly heats up water, propellent and ammunition, eventually generating enough heat to destroy the base and, ultimately, the emitter itself. Contrary to most systems, the CYCLOPS is actually magnified by N-Jammers as the microwaves are restricted to a smaller area and increase in intensity. As a measure of last resort, the defenses at a base can activate the system, destroying all remaining attackers and defenders and ultimately destroying the base itself.
Mass Driver: An electromagnetic catapult using a linear motor to accelerate and catapult payloads at high speeds to break free of gravity. For most vessels and mobile suits, this is the only way to break free of Earth's gravity and enter into the wider Earth Sphere. Players must move to a location with a friendly mass driver before being able to move to Earth Orbit.
Mobile: Through one method or another, this particular location is able to move to some extent. At times, these locations may change their placement on Earth, taking everyone who's present aboard with them unless they choose to remain behind.
Repair Bay: Although most garrisons have hangars for at least some mobile suits, not all possess the facilities necessary to do extensive repairs upon them. Locations with Repair Bays are capable of doing extended maintenance on mobile suits present. Class 1 Repair Bays will repair one day worth of damage per day spent at the location, Class 2 Repair Bays will repair two days worth of damage per day spent at the location, and so on.
Submerged: For one reason or another, the location is underwater. Non-aquatic mobile suits attempting to attack the location will be at a disadvantage and beam technology doesn't function effectively in such conditions.

4. Joining

4.1 Joining the Game
Joining SEED Factor is a simple affair, though you'll find yourself presented with a number of choices. To start with, you'll need to register on the forums and start a private message to myself, Travio. Within that private message, you'll need to provide the following information. Further information on the multiple choices is provided below.

Your Character Name Be sure to pick something original; I will not accept characters named after those from any Gundam series and often any other series.
Your Character's Gender
Your Character's Genetic Type See below for more information!
Your Character's Pilot Class See below for more information!
Your Starting Skill Selection See below for more information!
Your Starting Stat Increase
Your Character's Faction See below for more information!
Your Character's Mobile Suit See below for more information!
Your Character's Image Before joining, you need an image for your character.
Additional Information Some factions, mobile suits, etc. require some additional information. Please be sure to provide it.

4.2 Genetic Types
Each character within the Cosmic Era has a genetic designation based on the state of their genes. All starting characters must choose between Natural and Coordinators. Additional types that may appear are listed below as well.

Naturals are completely normal humans, born from the womb and raised normally.
Available Factions: Any but ZAFT
Genetically altered before birth, coordinators were consider an artificial evolution for humanity. They tend towards faster reflexes and tend to be stronger, as well as better thinkers.
Available Factions: Any but Pro-OMNI
Extended Naturals
Also known as Biological Computers, extended naturals are naturals who have, through the use of various therapies, been trained to reach peaks close to or potentially beyond those of Coordinators. Three types are known to exist amongst the armies of the OMNI Enforcer - Generations Alpha, Beta and Gammas. As of yet, the process has only been used on Naturals - however, there exists rumours that at least one Coordinator was Extended.
Considered one of the potential paths of human evolution, most scientists are only now beginning to comprehend that this tends to be the outcome of humans exposed to the conditions associated with living and operating in space. So far, those who discuss such theories are treated as outcasts and crackpots by their peers.
Another of the potential paths of human evolution, the Superior Evolutionary Element Destined Factor is one of the more heavily researched yet still fringe theories. The full effects of those who have this evolutionary marker have yet to be explored.

4.3 Pilot Classes
Selecting a class for your pilot generally determines their strengths - either inherent or through extensive training. When creating a character and initially selecting a class, it will limit the skill you are able to start the game with. However, after creation, you're not limited to only buying skills from within your class's trees.
Favored Skill Trees: Anti-Fortress, Anti-Ship
Unfavored Skill Trees: Camouflage, Sabotage
Favored Skill Trees: Command, Support
Unfavored Skill Trees: Agility, Physical
Favored Skill Trees: Agility, Physical
Unfavored Skill Trees: Command, Support
Favored Skill Trees: Beam Weaponry, Conventional Weaponry
Opposing Skill Trees: Accuracy, Remote Weaponry
Favored Skill Trees: Accuracy, Remote Weaponry
Opposing Skill Trees: Beam Weaponry, Conventional Weaponry
Favored Skill Trees: Camouflage, Sabotage
Opposing Skill Trees: Anti-Fortress, Anti-Ship

4.4 Factions
As a member of SEED Factor, you'll play a member of one of a number of factions participating in the conflicts that rock the Cosmic Era. Listed below are each of the factions and a small description of each, along with any subfactions within them. Additionally listed are the mobile suits members of those factions can choose from to start with - further information on the unit can be found by following the link to the mobile suit's Garage entry.
Atlantic Federation
Earth Alliance, Pro-OMNI
Despite their losses during the Second Earth Sphere War, the Atlantic Federation continues strong in its seemingly never-ending conflict against the Coordinators of PLANT. Backed by Blue Cosmos and funded by the Logos Conglomerate, the new president Belial Faust seems unlike to end this war peacefully.

Starting Mobile Suits
GAT-01DD Dagger D GAT-01L2 Dagger L GAT-04 Windam

Durandal Loyalists
Zodiac Alliance of Freedom Treaty
The Earth-bound forces of ZAFT, despite not supporting the tyrannical La Creuset, aren't entirely without support, having received the converted Gondwana-class carrier, Avalonia, as a mobile command center. They continue their war, making the best of the rough situation their in by taking the supplies they need.

Starting Mobile Suits
MBF-1000 ZAKU Astray ZGMF-601 GuAIZ R ZGMF-2009 DOM Trooper

La Creuset Loyalists
Zodiac Alliance of Freedom Treaty
Under the guidance of Rau La Creuset, ZAFT continues its crusade against the Natural menace on Earth. With the fall of Raziel Frost's faction from power, La Creuset has gained the backing of Red Terra and the Kensai Clerics, on top of his own FAITH branch. Their goal is to end this war and finally establish Coordinator control on Earth.

Starting Mobile Suits
ZGMF-1000 ZAKU Warrior ZGMF-1001 ZAKU Phantom ZGMF-2000 GOUF Ignited

League of Corinth
After the destruction of Paris and the Atlantic Federation's invasion of Europe, portions of the Eurasian Federation chose to leave the Earth Alliance and formed a new nation centered around old Greece. In quick step, they seized control of large stretches of territory around the Mediterranean and into Asia, seeking to compete against their former oppressors.

Starting Mobile Suits
GAT-01 Strike Dagger GAT-01H Dagger H ZGMF-1017 GINN

Mankind Inclusive Liberation of Terra Intiative Alliance
Formed during the Second Earth Sphere War in defiance against the Archangels who were manipulating the entire war, MILiTIA is still recognized as a terrorist organization by all governments except that of the Orb Protectorates. With all of its former leaders dead, the faction is now lead by the former Earth Alliance war hero, Ariel Kjergaard, as they continue to oppose the remaining Archangels.

Starting Mobile Suits
MMS-74-01 Stiletto MMS-74-02 Damascus

Orb Protectorates
Protector State
Of all the governments, Orb suffered most greatly during the last war. With their homeland captured, the Kingdom of Orb was forced to go on the offensive and lay claim to the Equatorial Union. Officially promoting themselves as the protectors of the world in the wake of unprecedented fighting, the new Orb Protectorates are on their last legs, using whatever resources they can muster to fight.

Starting Mobile Suits
MBF-M1M M2 Astray MVF-M11C Murasame MWF-JG71 Raysta

Private Military Contractor
War is good for business - or so they say. Wherever there's conflict, there's money to be made by those willing to sell themselves as professional soldiers for hire. And with the seemingly endless war going on, business is booming for these mercenaries. They fight for one thing and one thing only: money (at least as far as others are concerned).

Starting Mobile Suits
MWF-JG73 Civilian Astray PMC-1L Arms Astray ZGMF-515 CGUE

Republic of East Asia
Earth Alliance, Pro-OMNI
Despite having suffered heavy losses during the First Earth Sphere War and having been right on the frontlines of repetitive fighting during the Second Earth Sphere War, the Republic of East Asia has somehow managed to hold on and continues to be a strong member of the Earth Alliance. With the help of their economic powers, they're presenting a new face to combat.

Starting Mobile Suits
GAT-01L2 Dagger L GAT-333M Raider Full Spec GAT-707E Forbidden Vortex

United States of South America
Earth Alliance, Anti-OMNI
Since being forcibly annexed by the Earth Alliance at the start of the First Earth Sphere War, the USSA has longed for freedom from their oppressors. With growing, if outdated, military power and training, it looks like that time might be soon at hand. And with the Earth Alliance distracted elsewhere, there's no better time than the present.

Starting Mobile Suits
GAT-01 Strike Dagger MWF-JG71 Raysta

Table of Contents
     1. Introduction
          1.1 What is SEED Factor?
          1.2 Hours of Operation
     2. Core Rules
          2.1 Types of Actions
          2.2 Travelling
          2.3 Combat
          2.4 Damage, Injury and Recovery
     3. Advanced Rules
          3.1 Stats and Skills
          3.2 Reputation
          3.3 Special Rules
     4. Joining
          4.1 Joining the Game
          4.2 Genetic Types
          4.3 Pilot Classes
          4.4 Factions